Our Story

It was in 2008 when we first began to see the future of biosensing technology, and the potential it holds for human benefit. We saw that the world was getting busier, that heart disease and other chronic illnesses were on the rise, and that mental wellness was emerging as one of the most important health issues of the 21st century. We also noticed that at the center of it all was chronic stress.

Thus we began our mission to develop devices using biosensing technology to track vital signs, experiment with how stress alters them, and tackle these critical health issues head-on.

Years of research produced our first product, Tinké, which was honored around the world for its unique wellness features. We’ve since improved the quality and performance of our product designs, and developed new patents for the Zensorium brand of sensing technology. This year, we introduced Self by Zensorium, an advanced wearable that quantifies one’s stress and sleep behaviour based on pulse shape analysis; the very first of its kind. Our latest wearable health tracking device Self by Zensorium is now available for business and clinical trials. We are especially interested in working with the insurance industry, data analytics services companies, corporate employees wellness & performance, therapeutic sleep disorder providers, etc. We believe our evidence-base algorithm will provide high quality data that can gain new insights into one’s health and wellness, enabling our partners to build their own database and create new business services and solutions in this era of digital health world.

To address the worldwide diabetes epidemic and hypertension management, we have developed a new point-of-care device, ACT by Zensorium, that quantifies albumin and creatinine ratio in urine for early detection of kidney problem. The product was designed and developed to focus oneconomically and conveniently allowing not only general practitioners to have easy access to the test but also to be ultimately useful in remote areas that have little to no access to health care services. The product requires no cold chain, has a long shelf life, and is easily operated. We will soon be launching the beta version of ACT by Zensorium in the third quarter of 2019.

Our journey has led us to the most exciting time in our company’s history: Right Now !

“Our goal as a company is to empower people and give them greater control over their health and well-being. We are committed to continuously innovating our technology, and working with our partners to bring it to the public who will benefit from it the most. We believe we can play a role in making the world a more mindful, better balanced and happier place. Let’s work together to achieve this.”