Our Story
Zensorium was started to advance people’s understanding of their Sense of SELF to achieve a better Quality of LIFE. Backed by a 100-year old Japanese multinational corporation, Nitto Denko Corp, we are focused on discovering meaningful biomarkers and complementing them with digital technologies to reinvent healthcare experiences.
Years of Medical
Our Story
We were started in 2008 to tackle health challenges from prevalent heart diseases, increasing chronic illnesses and deteriorating mental health. Recognising the potential of biosensing technology, we have developed medical devices to drive better health outcomes; enabling both healthcare practitioners and patients with secure, reliable and timely clinical data.
Measures heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability, to determine key fitness and stress indices.
Tracks one’s mood, heart rate, calories, steps and sleep.
Monitors vital signs and provide stress alerts through pulse shape variation analysis.
Detects early kidney deterioration through accurate uACR analysis. ACT is a cold chain free point of care testing device designed for all healthcare settings.

Constantly innovating to develop superior products to reinvent your healthcare experience

Zensorium enables personalized healthcare through a range of digital health and medical device solutions. Committed to success, Zensorium dedicates our efforts to attain product leadership and creates value through commercialising novel solutions to address healthcare needs.
Dr. Visit Thaveeprungsriporn
Managing Director @ NAT and Zensorium

Dr. Visit Thaveeprungsriporn (better known as Dr. V among associates) is a well-rounded research scientist armed with more than 25 years of technological experiences and accomplishments spanning across wide technologies and industries.

He has made his mark in materials design, non-destructive technology, hard disk drive manufacturing technology, laser technology and flexible circuit technology. This versatility has extended to optical sensor, wearable technology, and even medical device sensors in recent years.

Trained as a nuclear materials scientist from University of Michigan where he received his PhD, Dr. V is an innovator by profession.

His passion for technology ideation has seen the creation of several products, of which more than 100 patents have been granted under his leadership. He has been relentless in carrying out research, translating innovative ideas into viable commercial healthcare products aiming to empowering people and give them greater control over their health and well-being.

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