A cold chain free Point of Care Test community health screening device

ACT by Zensorium

Supporting physicians and healthcare providers in early detection of chronic kidney disease through a precise and portable diagnostic device.

“1 Out Of 3

Are At Risk Of Kidney Disease.”

Each year, millions die from chronic kidney disease (CKD) because of inaccessibility to early detection and treatment. At Zensorium, we are committed to make a change with our portable and precise diagnostic tool to detect kidney deterioration by measuring urinary albumin to creatine ratio (uACR).

What is uACR?

uACR detects abnormal levels of albumin in the urine. A healthy kidney will have uACR result of less than 30 mg/g. A uACR result of higher than 30 mg/g is a sign of kidney deterioration which will progress to chronic kidney disease if left untreated.

How is uACR tested?

uACR is the most reliable kidney function screening test and is advised to be performed yearly. The test only requires a small sample of urine for analysis.

Why uACR test needed?

uACR is a key clinical biomarker linked to kidney, cardiovascular and cognitive diseases.

Enabling Preventative Healthcare through Decentralisation

ACT by Zensorium is a portable medical device with a simple and intuitive interface. ACT is designed to overcome the limitations of cold chain in traditional uACR tests. This enables ACT to be accessible in different healthcare settings; from a rural clinic to a medically advanced hospital.

Specialist Clinics

General Practitioners

Long Term Care Facilities

Community Care Facilities

The Compact Analysis Device

Revolutionising CKD Screening

The two main components, ACT Analyser and Test Cartridge, are intended for use by professional and trained healthcare users in a decentralised, or point-of-care laboratory setting. The system is a combination design of electro-opto point of care urine analyser that allows the spectrophotometer to analyse the intensity of the light transmitted through the test cartridge optical window before displaying the results in an interpretive meaningful unit to the professional healthcare user.

The analyser is designed for in vitro diagnostic use. It gives accurate uACR measurements between 30mg/g to 300mg/g of urine samples housed in test cartridges.

The ease of operations associated with ACT drives clinical scale.
The dry reagent assay in the cartridges, developed through thousands of in-house tests, allows accurate uACR measurement.

Paired with the analyser, ACT by Zensorium expedites uACR tests from 2 days to 8 minutes.

Introducing ACT by Zensorium

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