Our business model

Endless possibilities through partnership

  • A breakthrough device for monitoring stress and vital health information, Self by Zensorium has many potential B2B applications as an enabler for mental health management. Our corporate and medical partners use our technology as a tool for mindfulness trainings, wellness programs, stress management and high performance coaching, among other applications.
  • The versatility of our technology allows Self to be tailored to numerous business applications, facilitated through collaborative partnership with our team. You know your business model best; we provide you with a high quality product delivering powerful and accurate data, and you build your own analytics and services to cater to your end users.

Unparalleled quality and functionality

  • To ensure the highest safety and quality standards for all applications, Self has been designed and built to meet the stringent ISO13485 quality management standards used to govern the medical device industry.
  • Self communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, and pushes data to the cloud where you can access it via API. A software development kit (SDK) for both iOS and Android is also available if you prefer to build your own App.
  • We also welcome collaboration with clinical researchers to explore new applications.