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Urine Albumin Creatine Ratio (uACR)

ACT is a proprietary electro-optic urine analyser. ACT uses laser to transmit light through a sample, a spectrophotometer analyses the intensity of the light transmitted. The values are processed through electronic circuits and microprocessor using proprietary algorithms before displaying a meaningful result to a healthcare professional.

uACR reading of 30mg/g to 300mg/g indicates a condition called microalbuminuria. 2 out of 3 positive tests are used for diagnosing microalbuminuria. This is a sign of early kidney deterioration as the presence of albumin in urine indicates protein leakage in the blood filtering process conducted by the kidneys. Patients with hypertension and diabetes are at increased risk of developing kidney diseases and should be screened more regularly.

An elevated uACR is a biomarker for cardiovascular diseases, stroke and cognitive diseases. In pregnant women, an elevated uACR indicates an increased risk or preeclampsia and adverse fetal outcomes.