The mindfulness wearable used for mental health

SELF by Zensorium

Driving mental wellbeing of users with proprietary stress measurement algorithms and biomarkers


SELF by Zensorium is a wearable biosensor providing quantifiable stress level and sleep patterns by using our state-of-the-art algorithms

SELF by Zensorium is developed to empower health professionals in the mental wellbeing space to quantifiably describe one’s wellness complementing their service innovation in the healthcare service ecosystem. Our patented Pulse Shape Analysis is what make SELF a prominent device as it extracts unique parameters through and in-depth analysis of the pulse waveform. Our algorithms accurately extracts vital signs such as Heart Rate, Stress level, Sleep and Steps.

A Mindfulness Wearable For Multiple Use Cases

Stress Biomarker

Pulse shape variability is a variation in PPG waveform that is linked to stress. Prolonged high stress increases the risk of chronic illness such as high blood pressure, obesity and depression.


An individual’s level of activity can be measured by distance, steps count, active minutes and calories burnt. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of all causes of mortality such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic illnesses, mental health illnesses and cancer.


Sleep quality can be measured by monitoring sleep cycles and movement. Poor sleep quality is linked with insomnia and sleep apnea which increases the risk of chronic illness, stroke and depression.

Driving Quantifiable Mental Health Applications Across Multiple Settings

Our devices have been field tested in multiple settings and can be used to complement mental health applications. Below are some potential use cases:

Mental Health Counselling

Stress Level

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Clinical Research

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel

Interchangeable with 20mm standard band


OLED monochrome

128 x 72 pixel

  • Tri-axis Accelerometer
  • Optical Sensor

Bluetooth 5.0

On board memory to track up to 7 days of data

  • Up to 3 days of battery life
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer, 120 mAh Battery
  • Charges in approximately 120 minutes via USB charger dock


  • iOS 11 or later


  • Android 7 or later

Sync data to cloud via App

Temperature 0°C to 35°C, Relative humidity 10% RH to 93% RH

Temperature -20°C to 45°C

Stress Features

Updated every 5 minutes with LED indicator

Hourly stress percentage in 1-day summary

Screen notification and vibration

Vital Signs Features

Updated every 5 minutes

Graphical trending available on App

Sleep Features

Total sleep time

Activity Features

Total step counts of the day

Total active minutes of the day

Total calories burned of the day

Total distances of the day

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